Enraged cyclist gets his own back on bus driver by hitting emergency kill switch


This is the moment a cyclist got his revenge against a bus after its driver passed him "too closely".

Helmetcam footage recorded the encounter, which took place in Brixton, London.

The video shows the 159 bus passing the cyclist at close quarters, and the driver can even be heard sounding the horn as they drove past the biker.

This obviously didn't sit well with the cyclist, who decided to teach the driver a lesson.

He sprinted after the bus, and when it came to a stop the biker made his move.

Opening a flap at the back of the bus, he pressed an emergency kill-switch, shutting the bus down completely.

The anonymous footage was uploaded to the Cycle Witness YouTube account with the caption: "Bus driver makes aggressive close pass, cyclist takes revenge. Or as they say in my town: Bully gets owned!"