Biker causes terrifying freeway crash during fit of road rage


This is the horrifying moment a road-raging biker appears to set off a massive chain reaction crash after kicking a car on a Californian freeway.

Video footage, which was recorded on the 14 Freeway near Santa Clarita on June 21, shows the motorcyclist lash out at the car with a kick.

Just as the biker tries to kick the car, it appears to swerve into him, but misses and crashes into the central barrier.

The out-of-control car then spears back into the middle of the southbound lane and T-bones a white pick-up truck, which rolls onto its side before flipping on to its roof.

Unbelievably, the biker doesn't stop at the scene of the crash, and can be seen speeding off into the distance.

According to local media reports, the elderly driver in the white pick-up was hospitalised, and police are treating the incident as a hit and run investigation.