Who’s to blame? – Two cars collide on roundabout

Dashcam footage has captured the moment two cars collided on a roundabout – but it isn't entirely clear who's to blame.

The video, which was recorded on a roundabout on the A543 near Wrexham, in Clwyd, on June 16, shows a black Volkswagen Golf and a silver BMW 1 Series navigating the section of road.

The VW, which is in the left-hand lane, intends to carry straight on ahead, and does not take the exit to its left.

However, the BMW – which is in the right-hand lane – can be seen indicating left to take the exit the VW drives past.

As the BMW moves over to leave the roundabout, it ploughs into the VW, causing it to crash out into the exit road.

The video was posted to Facebook by Darrin Witcher – who recorded the incident with his dashcam. Since the video was posted online, it has generated fierce debate as to which driver is to blame.

Alan Gardner wrote: "You can't drive into someone, even if you think they're in the wrong lane."

Gordon Doyle commented: "I would say BMW at fault. Should always be wary of folk in the left lane as they might drive around. Better to hold back until sure what they going to do."

However, others pointed the finger at the VW. Farley Crowson added: "It's scary to see people think the BMW was at fault. Golf was in the wrong lane."

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