Lion caught chewing back of family SUV

A family were left shaken after a hungry male lion decided to make a meal out of the spare tyre on the back of their car.

The incident, captured on camera, shows a four-wheel-drive vehicle driving through the Chapin Nature Park in the Escuintla region of Guatemala.

A large male lion can be seen embedding his teeth into the rubber on the back of the car as the family attempt to drive away.

As the car tries to move forward the lion clings on, with one the occupants heard saying: "Go, go, it is going to break the other wheel." Then a man, presumably the driver, says: "But how the hell I am going to move?"

The lion lets go temporarily before re-attaching himself to the wheel. Whistling can then be heard in the background as a gamekeeper attempts to lure the lion away from the car, but this does not deter the big cat and he remains firmly chewing the tyre.

When he finally gives up he slowly walks around the side of the car. The park spoke to the Daily Mail, saying they did not feel such incidents were a risk to visitors' safety.

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