Police car T-boned and flipped after running red light


This amazing dashcam footage from Pennsylvania shows the moment a police cruiser was struck at a junction and flipped onto its roof.

The video from the city of Altoona, around 80 miles east of Pittsburgh, was released as part of an investigation into the incident.

The Ford Explorer, driven by Officer Julie Kelleher, was on its way to a motorcycle accident in Altoona when it ran a red light at the junction of Sixth Avenue and Eighth Street at nearly 80mph. John McConnell, driving across the intersection, neither hears nor sees the Explorer in time to avoid a collision. Unbalanced by the impact, the Explorer teeters on its right hand wheels before rolling over onto its roof in the middle of the road.

An initial police report placed the blame on McConnell, suggesting that he had entered the crossroads on a yellow light, but he contested that version of events. Matt Pacifico, the Mayor of Altoona, intervened to request the dashcam footage from the Explorer in the interests of police transparency. The video exonerated McConnell, showing Kelleher clearly running the red light without slowing significantly to ensure the way was clear.