Mercedes driver cheats traffic by using the hard shoulder but is immediately caught in hilarious video

A Mercedes speeding along the hard shoulder to avoid a traffic jam was with served some near instant karma from an unmarked police car.

The hilarious footage was captured on the M40, near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, by another road user's dashcam.

The Mercedes cruises by the queues of stationary traffic with its hazard lights on. Little does the driver know that the silver Vauxhall Insignia in front of the car filming is an unmarked police car, and as soon as the Mercedes passes its blue lights go on.

The unmarked police car pulls onto the hard shoulder in pursuit, with a loud laugh coming from Dan Haynes who recorded the video.

Haynes told the Daily Mail: "Never a better sight this morning, watching some Mercedes driving down the hard shoulder on the M40 to beat the queue, then watching the car in front of me light up like a Christmas tree.

"Yep, an unmarked cop car wiped the 'SMerc' off his face."

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