Driver flips car after losing consciousness


The horrifying moment a driver flipped their car after losing consciousness behind the wheel has been caught on camera.

In video shared with the Daily Mail, the motorist can be seen swerving repeatedly across the road and on to the grass verge on a dual carriageway near Horsham, West Sussex.

Jake Fairgrieve was travelling behind the car as it travelled down Worthing Road at about 7am on Friday morning and filmed the incident. He can be heard telling the driver to "get a bit closer, see what's happening".

The out-of-control car continues to drive on and off the grass as an SUV driver ahead of the car with the camera tries to keep a safe distance.

As the vehicles approach a roundabout, the lead car swerves onto the grass again, this time colliding with a tree and flipping over.

According to the Daily Mail, Fairgrieve said that the driver was injured but survived, adding that he suffered from diabetes and had lost consciousness leading up to the crash.