Daredevil parkour stuntman jumps over speeding motorbike 


This is the amazing moment parkour daredevil Oleg Shestyarenko summersaults over a speeding motorbike.

The thrilling stunt took place on a racetrack in Yekaterinburg, central Russia with the video showing several practice attempts for both the rider on his BMW motorbike and Shestyarenko.

On the final run it is slowed down, capturing the moment Shestyarenko leaps into the air, just as the speeding bike comes towards him.

His precise roll in the air is fantastic to watch, and as the bike passes under him, Shestyarenko lands back on the ground, perfectly placing his feet.

This isn't the first time the parkour stuntman has attempted something like this. Back in April this year, he performed a jump over a speeding BMW i8 supercar.

Before that, in 2016 he was filmed jumping over a speeding Ferrari California in Dubai.