Could BMW be working on electric versions of its M cars?

BMW's M division performance subsidiary is set to join forces with its i efficiency brand.

According to, BMW I's global head of product management Alex Kotouc, said the two brands could join together.

"The thing we all know is that electromobility has the advantage that with a push of the pedal you have the power and the torque is immediately there," he said.

"The i8 is already a fast vehicle, but with a bigger motor and a bigger battery this car will be really, really fast.

"Look at the i8. It's a plug-in hybrid sports car, which tells me people are willing to have both – a really high-performance car and a really high-performance electric car – something like an iM5."

The BMW M Division specialises in performance variants of BMW cars, from the M2 to the upcoming M8. Combining that along with electric drive could see a new type of car born out of the Bavarian automaker, its first fully electric hypercar.

Mercedes' performance division, AMG, and Audi's Audi Sport have also hinted at electrifying their performance ranges in the future.

Kotouc confirmed as well that BMW had been working on hydrogen fuel cell technology and engine noise technology.

With certain petrol - and diesel-powered cars in its range, BMW has used synthetic sound to emphasise the engine tone of a six-cylinder engine.

However, electric and hydrogen cars make no sound, so BMW has been looking into sound enhancement that, according to Kotouc, would allow any engine sound wanted.

So, potentially future high-performance BMWs may be super-economical and emit zero emissions, but they will also be immensely quick and still make the distinctive engine noise we are used to and enjoy so much.

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