Angry residents form roadblock to stop Robbie Williams fans leaving after gig


Coventry residents took matters into their own hands after Robbie Williams fans caused chaos on their street.

Concert goers parked on Arena Avenue and Greyhound Road - two residential streets with no parking restrictions – near the A444, Jimmy Hill Way.

But angry residents decided to block the roads and stop people leaving who were returning to their cars after the gig – with some even demanding money to let them out.

One woman told the Coventry Telegraph: "When I tried to drive out I couldn't get through and asked one of the blokes stood around what was going on.

"He said people weren't allowed to park there as it was a private road and if I wanted to get out I would have to pay £10.

"I asked why there weren't any signs or yellow lines and he said there didn't need to be as it was a private road."

Many motorists became angry, with one threatening he would do 'serious damage' to a silver BMW 1 series that was being used as part of the roadblock, if it wasn't moved.

Police were eventually called to the incident and told residents they had no right to block the road, as there were no parking restrictions. The owner of the silver BMW can be seen arguing with an officer.