Jaguar Land Rover open doors to its ‘Classic Works’ factory


A brand new car factory has opened in Coventry - but it isn't for new cars.

Jaguar Classic Works will instead be restoring or building from scratch classic Jags of bygone eras. From XKSS to E-Type Lightweights and XJ220s, all sorts of Jaguar's can be accommodated, including original racecars.

Jaguar Land Rover open doors to its ‘Classic Works’ factory

Jaguar Land Rover open doors to its ‘Classic Works’ factory

The 14,000 square foot facility cost more than £7 million and can hold 54 cars at a time. However, having a car built is strictly for the well heeled, with the factory designed to make cars costing upwards of £1 million.

So what do you get for this huge sum of money? Well, you have a unique classic Jaguar that is totally hand-built from the ground up with the style and patina of a classic, but with modern upgrades made entirely made to your specification.

For those without a million burning a hole in their back pocket, there is a much cheaper option. For £49 you can go on a three-hour tour of the site and get to grips with the whole operation.

Not only does the facility restore and build cars, it also has many on display too, with a collection of more than 500 Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) cars. There is also the JLR Legends section, which holds cars that are for sale.

If you already own a Jaguar or Land Rover, you can also have it looked after at the facility, whether it's a series one Land Rover Defender or a second-generation Jaguar XKR – all models are catered for.