Porsche driver confronts motorist moments after shocking crash


This footage captures the moments following a frightening smash between a red Ford Ka and a Porsche 911 cabriolet.

The Porsche was a limited edition model one of just 19 made. It had been traveling down Pasture Road in Stapleford, Nottingham, when the driver, Steven Parr, had to take evasive action when the Ford driver overtook another vehicle on the wrong side of the road.

Unfortunately, the Ford struck the Porsche side on, completely writing off both vehicles.

The footage shows Parr walking round both vehicles after the collision, showing the extent of the damage to his 'pride and joy'.

The Ka driver and Parr's female passenger both seem in a state of shock – with the Ford driver remaining inside the vehicle as Parr asks if he is ok.

Parr spoke to LadBible, saying: "If we had been hit head on we might not be here to tell the story today as the engine is at the back of the car so there would have been nothing to protect us.

"My car is most likely going to be written off which is awful news for me especially as I can't replace it. At least we're still alive though."

Nottinghamshire police conformed that four vehicles were involved in the crash and those involved suffered only minor injuries. No arrests were made.