Moment driver puts kids’ lives at risk outside school in Gosport

This is the moment an impatient driver puts people's lives at risk as they charge down the pavement in their car.

The silver Mitsubishi Shogun was filmed driving down the pavement by another motorist, Terry Williams, whose dashcam captured the incident while he was sat in a traffic jam outside Peel Common Junior School in the Rowner area of Gosport.

Williams, 56, was picking his nine-year-old daughter up from school at the time. He was astonished at the drivers' actions, which in his eyes 'were crazy and could have killed someone.'

He spoke to local newspaper The News, saying: "I was totally shocked. There were so many parked cars and children coming out.

"All it would have taken was for a kid to step out from in front of one of them, there would have been no way he could have stopped.

Williams has since reported the incident to Hampshire police after the video was viewed thousands of times.

Many comments have been made on social media about the video, including: "Absolutely disgusting driving especially so close to the school. A ban for life would give them a shock!"

Another said: "Hope the police deal with the idiot as I have three kids that go to that school!"

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