James Hillier in hair-raising moment during Isle of Man TT


This is the frightening moment Isle of Man TT rider James Hillier managed to save himself from a huge crash.

Hillier was accelerating out of Ballagarey corner – known as 'Balla-scary' for good reason - when his bike began to twitch over the road until it was in mid air and turned sharply to the left.

The video shows him accelerating before the bike violently veers off to the left - his legs splay out as the bike becomes airborne.

Hillier momentarily manages to regain control of the green Kawasaki superbike – stopping it from careering sideways and losing control.

He can be seen going from lock to lock on the steering and, according to the commentary, is in fifth gear traveling at speed.

Really struggling against the bike's power, Hillier finally touches the front wheel back down on the tarmac - under control.

He later posted a picture captured during the hairy moment, captioned: 'This is how not to exit the Ballagarey section of the TT course.'