Watch an Opel Astra crash heavily at the Nurburgring


An Opel Astra was caught on camera having a major smash at the Nurburgring earlier this week.

The footage shows the canary yellow Astra's driver speeding into the right hand bend far too quickly before he loses control and ploughs head on into the barrier.

The force ricochets the Astra into the air before it flips over several times, rolling right across the track before coming to rest facing the opposite barrier.

The airbags can be seen deploying in the slow motion footage

A yellow Porsche Cayman can be seen stopping before the driver rushes to the Astra to help.

The driver manages to get out and is shaken but appears uninjured thanks to all the airbags.

A recovery truck is then seen recovering the car, where it is clear that the incident caused severe damage – it is even missing one of the front wheels.

The passenger of the Astra was taken to hospital for observation. Although there is no mention on the driver, it is presumed they were also checked over.