High tide catches out 14 cars on Wales beach

The incoming tide submerged 14 cars at Ynyslas Beach in Wales, prompting the coastguard to urge beachgoers to be cautious when taking their vehicles onto the waterfront.

Borth Coastguards were called out on four separate occasions in the week before the May bank holiday weekend, all of which were to assist with removing cars that had been caught out by the rising tide.

They were first called in the early hours of the morning on May 21, after a car had become stuck in the mud at the beach with two people on board.

The car was freed from the mud, with the two occupants safely recovered. However, there were concerns that leaking oil and fuel from the car might pollute the popular Dyfi Ynyslas Nature Reserve.

Another call out was issued on May 25, after a number of vehicles had been caught out by high spring tide, and became stuck in the beach's soft sand.

The coastguard and Dyfed-Powys Police issued safety advice, with Borth Coastguards remaining at the beach until the vehicles were recovered or their owners had arranged alternate transport off the nature reserve.

On May 26, Coastguards responded to yet more calls of vehicles stuck on the beach following the high tide.

Two cars were recovered from the water, while the others had to wait until the tide retreated before they could drive away.
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