Frightening moment man attacks a woman’s car 


This is the shocking moment a pedestrian attacks a woman's car out of the blue.

The victim, who wants to be known as Kristen, was leaving a parking lot on Moreland Drive, Atlanta after filling her car with fuel, when the incident happened.

A man can be seen running up to her car as she slows for some traffic lights. He suddenly leaps onto the bonnet before kicking the windscreen until it smashes and running off.

She spoke to Channel 2 news, saying: "All of a sudden the next thing I know he was jumping and kicking in the windshield.

"I was so terrified. I have no clue why this happened and why me? Honestly I thought he was going to kick in the windshield and start kicking me."

DeKalb County and Atlanta police say they are currently investigating the incident.