BMW driver mounts pavement and gets violent during road rage attack

This is the horrifying moment a road raging motorist mounted the pavement to cut an innocent motorist off, before hurling abuse at him.

Dashcam footage recorded in Leicester on May 31 shows the BMW driving alongside the red Renault on a busy road, before attempting to cut into the Renault's lane when there was no gap.

Enraged by the fact he couldn't get into the Renault's lane, he speeds after the car before driving on the pavement to cut the driver off.

After bringing the car to a halt, he opens the door and appears to punch the driver before verbally assaulting him.

Robert Parmar, who owns the dashcam, told the Daily Mail: "I had no idea why the BMW driver was so angry, and I watched the footage back to see if the driver in the Renault had done something to annoy him, but saw nothing wrong."

"The BMW driver got a couple of punches in on the Renault driver's face, but thankfully afterwards when I spoke to him there didn't seem to be any serious damage.

"After the event the BMW drove away and I got out to check on the Renault driver, he was obviously very shaken up at what had just happened. I offered him my dash cam footage and have since given it to him – hopefully he's shared this with the police and the BMW driver will get prosecuted for his crazy actions."

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