Test drive goes wrong as mechanic crashes Porsche 911


A mechanic who was responsible for repairing a Porsche 911 ended up crashing the £176,000 sports car instead after taking it on a test drive.

CCTV footage showed the mechanic barrelling around a corner at high speed but a saloon coming in the opposite direction ended the mechanic's drive in dramatic fashion.

The incident took place in Aksay, Rostov Oblast, Russia, and after taking the bend too quickly, the Porsche clipped the oncoming saloon sending it into a spin.

Unfortunately for the mechanic the 911 suffered extensive damage from the impact and ended up crashing into the curb in a cloud of tyre smoke.

The rear section and left-hand-side of the 911 was completely ruined and according to reports the car was so badly damaged that it was written off entirely.

According to The Mirror the vehicle had been taken in to the garage by its owner for diagnostics tests and ended up with the car being taken off the road altogether because of the mechanic's actions.

Both the mechanic and the saloon driver were unhurt from the crash.