Road-raging BMW driver tries to rip car door off during violent tirade

A horrendous road rage incident that took place on the streets of Bradford has been caught on camera.

Video footage shows a BMW driver shouting at a fellow motorist in a white Volkswagen Golf while a crowd of people stand around the car.

As the row progresses, the enraged motorist appears to strike out at the person in the VW, and also seems to spit on them.

At one point, he manages to get the car's door open and even tries to rip it off in his anger.

However, a woman in a headscarf then gets out of her own passing vehicle and steps in to diffuse the situation.

The brave woman can be seen getting in between the VW driver and the road raging motorist, and guides him back to his own car.

It is unclear why the BMW driver started on the person in the VW, but it seems that no one was seriously hurt in the incident.

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