Mercedes G-Wagon rammed by Toyota Prius

A shocking crash happened in London at the weekend, when a Mercedes-based Brabus G500 4x42 was flipped on its side by a Toyota Prius.

Eyewitnesses posted on social media that the hybrid saloon hit the two-tonne off-roader on the side and this caused the G500 to roll.

Costing more than £200,000, the 4x42 was found on its side with the large majority of the right-hand side damaged. It appears that the Brabus-tuned model also crashed into a bus stop, which suffered extensive damage.

The hybrid Prius also suffered significant damage with a large section of its front bumper being ripped off in the crash.


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When the G500 was righted, the entire top half of the body was distorted due to the impact and it wouldn't have been a surprise if the vehicle was completely written off.

Both drivers walked away from the incident without injury.

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