Watch the shocking moment a pickup ploughs into a small hatchback

This is the terrifying moment a Holden pickup truck smashes into a Suzuki Ignis, flipping it over.

The Suzuki is seen entering the roundabout at a sensible speed when suddenly from the left you see the Holden Rodeo pickup speeding towards the roundabout. The driver fails to stop and give way.

The impact to the side of the little Suzuki is so great that it flips onto its side - with a family trapped inside.

The incident took place in Medowie, New South Wales in Australia, with the footage being captured on a dash camera that was aboard the Suzuki at the time of the incident.

The video was uploaded by 'Dash Cam Owners Australia', which reports the family inside the Suzuki was shaken but did not suffer any major injuries during the crash.

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