Watch the incredible moment a motorist leaps into a moving car after the driver has a seizure.


This is the incredible moment a motorist jumped into a moving car to stop it after the driver had a seizure at the wheel.

The incident was captured on a Dixon police dashcam in Illinois. The police car had started to follow behind a blue Volkswagen Passat, which was being driven very slowly and began to dangerously veer onto the wrong side of the road.

However, they didn't realise the seriousness of the driver's condition as they were behind the car.

Randy Tompkins was coming the other way in his pickup truck when he spotted the driver slumped over the wheel. He quickly reversed out of the way and leaped out of his truck to the driver's aid.

In the video you see him risk his own life and jump through the window of the moving vehicle in order to apply the handbrake and stop the car moving any further.

The police officers ran up to the side of the car to find the driver was very unwell, and called for an ambulance.