Watch the all-new BMW M8 roar into life

The long-awaited BMW 8 Series has finally been given the M division treatment.

The video shows the M8 in full camouflage at the Nurburgring 24-hour race, where it was revved into life with a snarling V8 soundtrack keeping all the petrol heads in awe.

Large bangs and pops can be heard from the exhaust pipes as the camera man takes us round the car for a closer look.

Any signs that the car is a BMW – including the famous double kidney grilles – have been wrapped in camo so as not to give any clues away of what the car looks like before the official launch.

Even the dashboard has been covered up.

The car is started up and revved hard for the crowds to hear, before being unleashed from its tent and slowly towards the track for some testing.

The prototype M8 was put through its paces several times around The Green Hell before returning to the display area that the M division had set up.

Details of the new car have not yet been released, but from the video we can tell that it has a V8 under the bonnet and that performance is definitely in mind with this snarling sports car.

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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