Middle-aged women are splashing their cash on sports cars


For years there has been a stereotypical cliché that just as their middle-age spread sets in, men want to go out and buy themselves a sports car – often a convertible.

But it isn't just men anymore - women are also taking the plunge and buying themselves a drop top.

The Daily Mail's Maeve Haran, a convertible Volvo C70 owner herself, explains why more middle-aged women are buying convertibles.

She said: "My car was bought not because I was fretting over grey hairs and middle-age spread but simply because, after a lifetime of ferrying children in battered old people carriers, I thought it was time I had a car for me.

"There is also the romance of a sports car."

In 2014, Diamond car insurance published details that middle-aged women were 28 per cent more likely than men to buy a convertible.

Sue Barter, 61, is a semi-retired hospital consultant from Bedfordshire. She decided to treat herself to a new Mercedes convertible after having a difficult year.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: "My aim is to grow old disgracefully, and with that in mind, I decided to buy my first convertible in 2010.

"I'd had a difficult year. My mum had died, I'd suffered a health scare and one of my best friends had died of a cardiac arrest.

"Such major life events happening in swift succession were a reminder that you can't take your money with you. So I decided I'd put myself first for a change."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones