BMW reveals new M6 GT3 Art Car project


BMW have been creating Art Cars since 1975, and in that time there have been some stunning creations - most notably the very first car, a 1975 3.0-litre CSL, designed by American sculptor Alexander Calder, finished in red, yellow and blue stripes.

Forty-two years later and the new one is just as bold, but with a technological level of creativity up its sleeve.

BMW reveals new M6 GT3 Art Car project

BMW reveals new M6 GT3 Art Car project

Based on the BMW M6 GT3, this latest artistic offering is finished in carbon-fibre – not only making it lightweight but also a very distinctive black colour.

However, the bodywork has hidden art within it. Using augmented light technology light refracts off of patterned elements within the paintwork exposing stunning designs that are reflected into the sky around the car.

Intricately detailed, the designs consist of various bursts of bright colour - swirls and random lines – all inspired by Asian culture.

Cao Fei, the creator of the M6 GT3 art car, said: "To me, light represents thoughts. As the speed of thoughts cannot be measured, the Art Car questions the existence of the boundaries of the human mind.

"We are entering a new age, where the mind directly controls objects and where thoughts can be transferred, such as unmanned operations and artificial intelligence."

The car was unveiled at the Minsheng art museum in Beijing on May 31. Fei has become the youngest person to have ever designed a BMW Art Car, and is the first Chinese artist to have designed one of these unique vehicles.

By Aidan Rennie-Jones