Bikers come shockingly close to colliding with a car making a U-turn

This is the terrifying moment a group of motorcyclists nearly crash into a car while it is performing a U-turn.

Helmetcam footage from one of the bikers shows the group round a blind corner at speed, only to be met by a white Chevrolet blocking both lanes of the road as it was half-way through the manoeuvre.

Seeing the car, the biker slams on his brakes, managing to slow down and pull off the road to avoid crashing into the car.

As the stunned biker looks back towards the car, another motorcyclist can be seen with his back wheel off the ground after he slams on his front brakes, stopping inches in front of the car.

One of the bikers can be heard yelling something inaudible at the driver of the Chevrolet, while the man recording the near miss manages to keep his cool, telling the woman not to perform a manoeuvre like that again.
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