Rare Peel Trident ‘microcar’ to be auctioned


A very rare Peel Trident microcar is coming up for auction.

The tiny car, which resembles a bubble, is one of just 45 ever built at the factory on the Isle of Man.

Rare Peel Trident ‘microcar’ to be auctioned

Rare Peel Trident ‘microcar’ to be auctioned

Once described by Grand Tour presenter James May as being "like something out of the Jetsons," this tiny 6.1 foot long by 3.3 foot wide car is sure to turn some heads.

Made in 1965, it was manufactured alongside the well-known Peel P50 'microcar', and was made in limited numbers at a cost of just £190.

The idea behind it was to create a small car that looked futuristic but was as cheap to buy and run as a moped.

Now, 52 years later, it's considered a collector's item and is expected to cross the auction block for at least $80,000 - around £62,000.

The Trident was designed to be the replacement model to the Peel P50 – a car that was made famous when Jeremy Clarkson drove one around London and then through the old BBC headquarters.

The Peel P50 is another car that has quickly become collectable too, with one being bought last year for an eye-watering £122,000.

A 49CC moped engine that churns out a very small 4.2 bhp and can achieve a top speed of just 38mph, powers the Trident.

Unbelievably, inside it is actually a two-seater - though it is exclusively reserved for those who are petite in both height and width.

The car will go across the auction block on August 18 at Sotheby's in Monterey, California, and is being sold by the current owner who bought it in 2014.

By Aidan Rennie-Jones