Determined motorist manoeuvres out of tiny space

A teacher from East Sussex showed some impressive driving skill by manoeuvring his Ford Fiesta out of what he described as 'the tightest parking spot ever'.

Lee Fulham from Eastbourne had parked his car in the same spot that morning as he was running late for work and he claimed neither of the cars he parked between had moved all day.

Keiron Pierce, Fulham's friend, filmed the 28-year-old skilfully working his way out of the space, which had only a small gap either side where Fulham could move.

After 16 individual movements to get himself out of the space, Fulham worked the car free and Pierce could only look on in disbelief.

Fulham told the Daily Mail: "There were a couple of people who were watching and probably thinking 'What an idiot'.

"They were amazed. Sometimes if I'm on my own and I've parked like that I think to myself, 'I hope someone saw that'."

Fulham's friend Keiron Pierce also said: "The spot was really tight. It only had a couple of inches each side. I thought he'd have to lift the car up or something to get it out. He didn't hit any car at any point. There were tears down my face."

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