Dashcam captures pedestrian getting instant karma


This is the hilarious moment a grumpy pedestrian was served a dose of karma.

In the video, a dashcam captures the moment the driver pulls up to a set of traffic lights before the elderly pedestrian begins to gesture at him as he crosses.

As he begins to say something inaudible to the driver, he suddenly walks into a lamppost.

The 19-second video has gone viral – being watched almost seven million times.

The incident took place in Adelaide, South Australia on May 23. In the video, the pedestrian can be seen gesticulating at the driver before striking the lamppost, after which he aggressively begins shouting at the driver before storming away.

Lots of comments have been made about the video, including one, who said: "That dog must be so embarrassed".

Another YouTuber said: "But why do you have to drive so fast to the red light and go over the line?"

By Aidan Rennie-Jones