BMW unveils its all-electric motorbike concept

BMW has released a video of its latest project, an all-electric scooter.

The ultimate driving machine has now become the ultimate riding machine with the release of the BMW Motorrad Concept Link.

Not only is it fully electric, it has a few gadgets up its sleeve too, such as a touchscreen dashboard and integration with a BMW biker's jacket.

It can link with the bike with a touch of the sleeve against the bike to automatically set it up with the rider's settings.

It also features a fully adjustable seat so that even the tallest of riders will fit.

And as seen in the video, a storage compartment - to store away bags or the helmet when you're not using it - is fully electric too.

The bike is part of BMW's showcase for the future, which has previously seen a radical all-electric Mini as well as what a future Rolls-Royce might look like.

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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