Video provides helpful tips for stress-free road trips with your pet

Travelling long distances with a pet in the car doesn't always make for an enjoyable experience.

Any number of problems can arise – be it car-sickness, restlessness or your pet just being down right distracting.

Thankfully, adult lifestyle channel TPSY has come up with a helpful video that showcases a number of tips that will help you have a stress-free road trip with your pet.

Some of the pointers are as simple as selecting the right music for your pet. According to TPSY, studies have shown that dogs find classic music soothing, while heavy metal puts them on edge.

If you have a cat, a disposable litter tray can help prevent any unplanned bathroom nightmares. Be sure to use the same litter that you use at home to provide your cat with a sense of familiarity when in the car.

Check out a number of other helpful tips in the above video.