Watch the shocking moment a car ploughs into a mother and her children

This is the terrifying moment a car crashed into a mother and her young children as they walked along a pavement.

Mandy White, 42, was walking her daughter Poppy to school, along with Taylor -her other child, who was in a pushchair - when the accident occurred.

The video shows a silver Toyota Yaris driving along a residential road before a white Vauxhall Corsa fails to stop at a T-junction.

It suddenly smashes into the side of the Yaris, sending it flying into White and the children before coming to a stop in the front garden of a house.

The CCTV footage from the property shows White being thrown to the ground as the car hit her. Luckily she manages to push the buggy away just enough that it isn't hit by the car.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, White said: "The car hit us and pinned me, my Taylor who was in a pram, and my five-year-old daughter Poppy up against a fence.

"I remember lying on the floor and my five-year-old was laying right next to me with the car over her legs. We're lucky to be alive."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones

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