​​​​​​​Maserati Quattroporte becomes beached


This bizarre video captures the moment a motorist decided to take his rather beautiful Maserati Quattroporte down onto the beach.

The luxury car owner took the car onto Watsons Bay beach in Sydney, Australia. It soon became stuck but instead of panicking about his expensive car becoming wedged, the owner decided to play some golf instead.

Reaching into the boot, he can be seen retrieving a golf club before swinging several golf balls into the sea.

Taciane Ronsani, an Italian tourist, spoke to The West Australian about witnessing the driver's strange behaviour. She said: "He was playing golf, and then he said he would dig his car out.

"He was a nice guy... he wanted to have a chat. It was like something out of a movie scene."

Slightly puzzled and worried by his behaviour, local residents called the police.
Other witnesses claim the man became pushy with them before he was taken to a nearby ambulance, which took him to St Vincent's hospital for assessment.

By Aidan Rennie-Jones