Driver caught repeatedly ramming other motorist in China


This is the moment a motorist repeatedly crashes into a woman's car during a suspected road rage incident in China.

Despite having plenty of time to avoid the collision, the driver of the burgundy saloon fails to take any evasive action when confronted with the camera car, instead carrying on and stopping mere inches away from the vehicle.

When neither car reverses, the burgundy vehicle chooses to drive into the camera car repeatedly in an attempt to make it move backwards.

Both drivers exit their respective vehicles to confront one another, though it's quite clear that a compromise isn't reached when the male driver returns to his car and begins crashing into the opposite motorist once more.

The camera car is pushed back, before coming to halt a little further down the road from where it first began. It is unclear as to where in China the event took place, nor is it apparent whether or not either of the drivers or their passengers sustained any injuries as a result of the incident.