Cyclist saves tiny orphaned kitten by tucking him in his shirt


An adorable video has emerged from Brazil proving Britons aren't the only nation of animal lovers.

Cyclist Viitor Fonseca, from Taquarituba in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, discovered a tiny kitten while he was out on a ride with a friend. The feline seemed to have been abandoned and was all on its own.

Fonseca decided that rather than let the little kitty fend for itself – with inevitable consequences – he would take it home.

Naturally, as he was cycling, he didn't have all that many places to safely stow the cat for the six-mile journey to his destination. With nowhere else available, Fonseca stuffed the animal into the top of his Lycra cycling suit.

Although cats are not known for their willingness to be put in confined spaces, the grateful kitten rather seemed to like the experience, licking Fonseca's neck and chin for the entire journey and loudly meowing throughout. Fonseca filmed the cute event and posted it to his Facebook page, and the clip has since gone viral.

Fonseca, a professional road-racing cyclist and member of Sao Paulo-based 'Equipe de Ciclismo de Taubaté' (Taubaté Cycling Team), commented on his Facebook post: "Saving a little life today. I'm glad that he liked me and was not clawing me."

Amusingly, the clip clearly shows Fonseca wearing a Catlike brand cycling helmet, so perhaps this wasn't an entirely chance encounter!

By Andrew Evans