Watch a truck lose control during a terrifying motorway crash on the M3


This is the moment a terrifying crash was captured on camera.

The incident between an articulated lorry and a truck was caught on a dashcam installed in the cab of the lorry.

The footage shows the truck driver blindly merging into the path of the lorry driver, who sounds his horn as a warning.

However, the other driver fails to react, hitting the lorry and causing himself to lose control. The truck spins around as it hits the barrier and comes to a halt facing oncoming traffic.

The incident happened during December last year near junction two of the M3 motorway. Luckily nobody was injured.

The driver of the lorry said: "We exchanged details and went on our way, no police involvement."

Lots of comments have been made about the incident online. One commenter said: "I reckon both drivers at fault here, the camera truck driver had ample time to back off a little but instead just kept beeping the horn."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones