Sheikh Away! Speedy getaway goes badly wrong


A bizarre video has emerged online that shows exactly what happens when you attempt to 'surf' the flatbed of a rapidly accelerating pick-up truck.

The comedic clip shows five passengers clinging to the rear load area of a pick-up truck, all of whom appear to be wearing traditional robes and kaffiyehs, before three of them spectacularly topple off the back when the vehicle accelerates away.

All five passengers appear cool and collected in the beginning of the clip, only to be left red-faced and bruised when the stunt goes badly awry.

Bemused passers-by and witnesses to the incident can be seen walking past the scene and throwing their hands up in disbelief.

The video, which was posted to Twitter by Haykal Bafana from Yemen, emerged yesterday and has since gone viral.

You can watch the clip below but take note; it's probably not a good idea to try this at home.