Who’s to blame? Two cars crash while navigating roundabout


Dashcam footage of two cars colliding at a roundabout near Sheffield has sparked an online debate about who is at fault.

The clip shows a white Mazda 2 and a black Audi A4 approach the roundabout, with the Mazda in the outside lane and the Audi to its right in the inside lane.

The Mazda continues straight ahead through the roundabout, while the Audi appears to want to either leave the roundabout at the first exit or continue straight ahead to the second exit.

Regardless of what their intentions were, the cars crashed into one another, and the footage has caused quite the debate online as to who is to blame for the collision.

Paul Milgate commented: "How is that Audi's fault. White car changed lane surely."

Helen Bason, on the other hand, wrote: "White car can go left of straight ahead, which is what it was doing. Black car was obviously attempting to change lanes.

However, Jamie Scott believes both motorists were equally at fault, adding: "Watched it a few times and both look like in wrong lanes."