F1 photographer captures history with 104-year-old camera


A photographer has used a 104-year-old camera to take pictures of current day Formula one.

Joshua Paul took the 1913 Grafex 4x5 camera to the Indy 500 race in order to capture some very retro looking shots.

F1 photographer captures history with 104-year-old camera

F1 photographer captures history with 104-year-old camera

He began his photography career in 1997 after graduating from University in California.

From there he became a travel and adventure photographer but was struck by motor racing photography and made his debut in 2013, when his passion was indulged at the Spanish Grand Prix that year.

As a result he has since set up his own magazine called Lollipop, which is based in New York.

His latest photo-shoot captures the Grand Prix in Melbourne earlier this year.

The results are pictures that hark back to vintage racing by Fangio and Stirling Moss and have a real retro feel to them.

From cars out on the track in action-packed blurred shots, to pictures of the drivers and their teams in the pits - all of the pictures seem to encapsulate the essence of racing.

Despite the very low resolution quality and lack of colour that most people are used to seeing today, the images have been widely praised as artistic.

Paul got the idea from a 1969 magazine cover that featured the Indianapolis 500.

Speaking with GP Traveler magazine, he said: "Most F1 images are shot for news or big stock agencies. There are only a few people taking beautifully expressive and timeless images in Formula 1, mostly because there is no lucrative market for it.

"My approach is to make images so beautiful they defy subject matter."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones