F1 racer goes head-to-head with V8 Supercar and Mercedes-AMG in stunning video

Everyone knows that Formula 1 cars are seriously quick, but when you only see them racing against one another it can be difficult to get an idea of just how fast they really are.

To really show off the huge performance capabilities of an F1 car, a special race was staged at Melbourne's Albert Park circuit.

This saw a regular, road-going Mercedes-AMG SL 63 and a V8 Supercar take on the F1 racer, which was piloted by David Coulthard.

In order to give the F1 car a proper challenge, the three cars started at different times. The Mercedes set off first, followed by the V8 Supercar 16 seconds later. Roughly 30 seconds after the V8 Supercar takes off, the F1 car begins its attempt to pull the cars in.

We won't spoil the race outcome, but it was certainly a spectacle.

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