'Drunk driver' caught after their car phones police


Police in Northern Ireland caught a drink driver at the weekend when his own hi-tech car informed them that he had crashed.

The PSNI in Craigavon took to Facebook to share the unusual news.

"Some cars these days are pretty clever," they posted.

"Did you know that some can even phone police automatically to let us know you've crashed?!

"That's right, you're picking this up correctly - a CAR phoned us to let us know about a crash last night, when it turned out the driver was drunk."

The post went on: "You think you're having a rough weekend?

"At least your car hasn't touted on you!"

"That's a really good safety feature. But a really bad feature to have if you're a drink driver."

The PSNI added that the drunk driver wasn't the only one caught over the weekend and urged the public to inform them if they suspected someone was driving while drunk.