Child knocked to the ground after collision with Audi


A shocking video of a child on a scooter smashing into a passing car as he tried to cross the road has gone viral.

The dashcam video shows a woman and her child crossing the road to a traffic island, when the child appears to scoot out into the path of the black Audi A4 Avant, before the mother can stop him.

The Audi driver narrowly misses the child before the scooter hits the back of the car.

The mother of the young child rushes to his aid before moving him away from the road, clearly in shock.

The incident happened last month on Bitterne Road East in the Thornhill area of Southampton.

One viewer commented: "I actually feel sorry for the driver, he'll never forget that. Thankfully the child is ok and a steep learning curve Ò."

Another, said: "Wow that was close. The car being half a second later could have made it worse. But then again the driver looked like he was paying attention quite well, braking very quickly too. Ò"

Another said "I hate those scooters. So dangerous."

By Aidan Rennie-Jones