‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ stopped by police


The driver of a charity rally banger modified to look like an unconvincing Thomas the Tank Engine has been slapped with a £100 fine and three points on his licence.

Police stopped David Scott on May 10 while he was driving the altered BMW 5 Series on the M1. Scott was on his way to Dover to compete in 'Scrumrun', an annual charity rally in which a mystery location is only revealed to participants at the start of the event.

It's common practise for those taking place in the rally to heavily modify their cars, although the changes Scott made to his BMW were considered illegal and unsafe by the officers who pulled him over.

Scott was forced to organise to have the car towed to a nearby garage where the modifications could be removed. Police fined him £100 and three licence points for construction/use offences.

In addition to the blue and red colour scheme, changes that had been made to the car included a large 'boiler' that was fashioned out of an old oil drum and 'buffers' at the rear of the vehicle.

The Scrumrun rally sees participants travel across Europe over the course of five days, with proceeds raising money for national children's charities. All cars that participate in the event must be purchased for less than £500, but that hasn't stopped the likes of old Rolls-Royces and German V8s from participating in years past.

The 2017 Scrumrun is currently underway, after setting off on May 11.

‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ stopped by police

‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ stopped by police