Police pull over van packed with 40 construction workers

This is the bizarre moment police discovered that a van they pulled over was jam-packed with 40 construction workers.

Video footage recorded on April 30 in the south-western Chinese city of Chongqing shows police officers approach the six-seater van. As soon as they open the sliding door, the workers start to pour out.

In total, there were 39 men and one woman crammed into the vehicle. According to website Autoblog.com, the traffic police pulled the vehicle over after they noticed that it was driving erratically – darting in and out of traffic and coming close to causing a number of accidents.

When asked for an explanation, the driver reportedly told the police that squeezing that many people into one van was common practice on the construction site.

However, police didn't buy the excuse. They impounded the van and issued the driver a ticket for overloading the vehicle.

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