Cyclist barges through level crossing barriers


TV and radio presenter Jeremy Vine has tweeted a video of an angry cyclist forcing his way through a set of level crossing barriers, narrowly avoiding being hit by a train.

The incident, which took place at North Sheen in West London, involved the man bending the barriers out of his way as he attempted to carry his bike through to the other side.

Upon reaching the tracks, a South West train shoots past with its horn blowing, narrowly missing the foolish rider.

Incredibly, the cyclist is further infuriated by the fact he couldn't cross in time, and aggressively waves his hand in the air.

Accompanying the video, Vine wrote: 'The level crossing at North Sheen today. Mate, the barrier is there for a reason.'

The BBC presenter followed this up with another tweet, saying: 'And when this jerk has to be scraped off the front of a train, the poor driver needs counselling for years.'

You can watch the video below, but beware as there is some strong language.