Hilarious video raises the question why did these geese cross the road?


This is the moment a family of geese crossed the road – and traffic stopped to let them.

The heart-warming scene was filmed in Catford, south London, and begins as the geese make it to the central reservation.

Four goslings can be seen waddling from one side of the road to the other with their parents following closely behind.

As they jump down from the kerb, one of the parents then leads the way to wait for the approaching cars to stop. The youngsters then follow behind and the parents usher their offspring to the safety of the pavement.

Observant motorists wait patiently for the gaggle to cross, with a cyclist even pulling up to let them by safely.

Thanks to the parents following the Green Cross Code, the whole family makes it to the other side without incident, and appears to be heading for the safety of a local park.