Dashcam captures dramatic Audi A3 crash

Dashcam footage has captured the shocking moment an Audi A3 was involved in a terrifying crash.

The clip, which was recorded in Haifa, Israel, on March 22, shows a number of cars pulling away from a junction when all of a sudden the black Audi appears out of nowhere.

The A3 attempts to cut into the outside lane at speed, but clips the rear bumper of the car in front – causing the vehicle to spin wildly out of control.

It then flips end over end, and smashes into stationary traffic on the other side of the road before catching fire.

The motorist can be seen trying to scramble out of the window before the flames catch hold of the totalled car.

According to motoring blog Carscoops.com, no one was seriously hurt in the crash.

The footage of the crash was uploaded to YouTube on May 6 with the title 'Audi progress through technology'. It has been viewed close to 240,000 times.