Wild Toyota Land Cruiser hits 230mph in California

Toyota Land Cruisers aren't exactly known for their straight-line performance.

However, that hasn't stopped the Japanese manufacturer from treating the large SUV to some, ahem, light fettling – bringing its power output up to a bonkers 1,973bhp.

Dubbed the Land Speed Cruiser, the highly modified off-roader – which debuted at last year's SEMA modified car show in the United States – has managed to reach a top speed of 230mph.

Helping the massive truck achieve this top speed is the same 5.7-litre V8 found under the bonnet of the regular, production-specification Land Cruiser.

However, this particular engine has had two huge turbochargers attached to it, along with stronger pistons and rods, as well as a specially built intake manifold to name but a few upgrades.

To make sure the massive amount of power can be put down on the road, the Land Speed Cruiser has also been equipped with a custom transmission, while the chassis sits much lower to the ground.

Nascar driver Carl Edwards piloted the Toyota on its high speed run, which was conducted at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

It was able to reach a GPS-verified 230.02mph before running out of runway, meaning it could have gone even faster if given enough room.

Following the run, Edwards said: "It's safe to say that this is the fastest SUV on the planet."

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