Brawling bus driver in shocking fist fight with pedestrian

A fight between a bus driver and a pedestrian in the middle of a busy Norwich street has been captured on film.

Shocking video footage shows the pair taking wild swings at each other, while bus passengers look on from the window of the vehicle, which the driver abandoned in the middle of the road.

The fight occurred on May 3 outside an estate agents, and the video went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook.

It is not clear from the footage why the two men are fighting, or whether the younger man was a passenger on the X29 Stagecoach bus.

As the fight carries on, stunned pedestrians can be seen stepping in to try and break the scuffle up, while a woman can be heard phoning the police to report the incident.

Andy Campbell, managing director of Stagecoach East, told the Daily Mail: "We can confirm that a bus driver was suspended on Wednesday following an incident in Norwich earlier that day.

"We understand on-street video footage of part of the incident has subsequently been posted on social media.

"Our investigation will examine the full circumstances involved. We are also contacting the police to assist with their investigation into the incident."

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